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Suchith Suresan Ringtone Download

Suchith Suresan, born on August 24, 1987, is a prominent Indian playback singer known for his contributions to the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries.

Born to C. Suresan, a retired government servant renowned for his oil-on-canvas paintings, and K.P. Sucheeta, a former banker, Suchith entered the world in Trivandrum on August 25, 1987. He pursued his education in visual communications at Madras Christian College in Chennai. Currently, he is happily married to Nimi Chandrika, who works at a research firm in Bangalore. His family also includes an elder brother, Dr. Surej, who not only plays drums for the Trivandrum-based alternate-rock band SPASM but also serves as an assistant surgeon in the health service department of the Government of Kerala.

Suchith’s musical journey began with the song “Pulayodu” from Saadhu Mirandaal, but it was his rendition of “Karigalan” from Vettaikaaran, composed by Vijay Antony, that catapulted him to fame.

Since then, he has graced numerous film soundtracks with his melodious voice, notable among them being Chikku Bukku and Nanban.

His exceptional contribution to the soundtrack of Dam 999 even earned him a spot on the preliminary list for the 84th Academy Awards (Oscars).

Not just confined to films, Suresan’s versatility shines through in his rendition of the jingle for Radio Mango 91.9 FM, composed by Deepak Dev, which clinched the World Bronze Award for best station jingle at the New York Festivals in 2009.

Suresan’s musical prowess extends beyond playback singing; he has diligently studied Carnatic and Hindustani music under the tutelage of gurus Sri. Aryanadu Raju and composer Sri. Ramesh Narayan.

Furthermore, he takes the lead as the vocalist of the indie rock band Udaan, showcasing his multifaceted talent and love for music.

Suchith Suresan Ringtone Download MP3

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Bhai Ringtone DownloadSuchith SuresanBhai03:27
Maar Salaam Ringtone DownloadSuchith SuresanRabhasa03:38
Padipoyaanila Ringtone DownloadSuchith Suresan, MeghaBalupu03:13
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Thira Thira Ringtone DownloadSuchith Suresan, Vijayan Ambalapuzha, Madhuvanthi NarayanGuppy03:38
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Maria Pitache Ringtone DownloadSuchith Suresan, Remo FernandesDavid (Telugu)03:46
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Hara Hara Ringtone DownloadSuchith SuresanAction Hero Biju04:00
Naa Hrudayamuna Ringtone DownloadSuchith Suresan, RitaKrrish 306:40
Tiger Yeh Tiger Ringtone DownloadSooraj Santhosh, Suchith SuresanTiger04:07
Yemaindho Yemo Gani Ringtone DownloadSuchith SuresanO Pilla Nee Valla04:49
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Pudame Nee Thodainadhe Ringtone DownloadSuchith SuresanVaikuntadamam03:06
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Julai Ringtone DownloadSuchith Suresan, PriyaRamajogayya Sastry04:20
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